Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Green Muni Bonds Playbook Issued

Local government issuances of green bonds are accelerating and a new report provides a "playbook" to assist issuers tap into the marketplace.  Playbook here.

Climate and Green Bonds have taken off worldwide.  According the the Climate Bonds Initiative, Green Bonds issuances are now about $600 billion (background).

Recent green bond issuances have included bonds for water projects in Asheville, North Carolina and Washington D.C.  Other localities are considering green bonds for green energy and energy efficiency projects.  Some states, including Massachusetts and California have issued green bonds for a variety of projects.  The states have seen new purchasers buying bonds of durations that are attractive to the issuers.

Source:  Green City Bond Playbook 

Green Muni Bond issuances are occurring worldwide.  Johannesburg, South Africa issued a bond (about $140 million US) in early 2014 for alternative energy projects (background here).

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